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Тест: Some or Any?

Описание теста:
Some or Any?
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I'm sure I made ___ mistakes on the exam.

My friend didn't make ___ mistakes on the exam.

I should have studied ___ more last night.

I have ___ money so I will treat you to a movie.

That is very kind of you because I don't have ___ money.

No, I don't have ___, but I wish I did.

Don't you know ___ good restaurants in Vancouver?

"Would you like to have ___ coffee with your meal, Sir" asked the waiter?

Yes, I'd like ___ please," I replied.

"Do you have ___ newspapers left," I asked?

"No, I don't have ___ " he replied.

"But I will have ___ more this evening," he added.

I went to the butcher, but I didn't buy ___ meat. It was so expensive!

Please come to see me __ time you are free.

Thank you. Maybe I will come ___ time on Saturday?

I have no cigarettes left so I will go to the store to buy ___.

If they have ___ Cuban cigars, please buy one for me.

Then you must give me ___ more money.

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