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Тест: Adverb Clauses - Cause and Effect Relationships

Описание теста:
Adverb Clauses - Cause and Effect Relationships
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Because he was tired, he scored poorly on the exam, ___ into the university.

___ the TOEFL with a score of 550, he will be admitted into the university.

Since July 4th is a holiday, ___ have to go to work.

Yousef went back to Saudi Arabia ___ to take care of some business in his company.

___, he will return back to the United States to study English.

___ have to work today, we should go to Laguna Beach.

Fabiana will not go to work today ___ a bit ill.

___, the temperature should begin dropping.

___ is important since most professional jobs require writing skills.

___, the research paper is beneficial to students since it requires them to critically think, read, and write about a specific body of knowledge in which they have an interest.

___ over, I am ready to enter the job market, so I will begin to send out my resume to prospective employers.

Waldo, ___, has learned a great deal of English since he came to the U.S.

Because of the extreme fatigue ___ a marathon, most runners must train for several months before they are sufficiently conditioned.

___ fifty-five miles per week for ten consecutive weeks, you are ready to run a marathon.

He hasn't lifted any weights ___ his right arm.

___ any trout yet, she is going to change the bait she is using.

Alfredo, ___ high academic aspirations, cannot pay his tuition now that his father is unemployed.

___ Asian economic crisis, it has been very hard for Ai and her family to pay their bills.

Halle Berry faces legal problems because she was ___ information with the injured driver.

Now that India is approaching one billion people, it will soon surpass China as the world's most populated country, ___.

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