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Тест: Adverb Clauses - Conditional Meanings

Описание теста:
Adverb Clauses - Conditional Meanings
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I will be at my friend's house in ___ call me.

___ enough time, I exercise every day.

In the event that you should fail the first writing assignment for this class, I ___ you one more week to revise.

John would exercise more ___ time.

Even___, I'm going to Newport Beach.

If John had had more time, he ___ the report.

I will go swimming tomorrow ___.

___, I always get a headache in the afternoon.

Only if it rains continuously for three hours ___ the baseball game.

___, I wouldn't give so many tests.

If anyone shoplifts in Walmart, ___ to the fullest extent of the law.

I would have helped John ___ me about his problem.

___, I will post all urgent phone numbers on the refrigerator.

___ right now, I would go out for a walk.

The police officers are ready to come to your house in the event that your ex-husband should violate the restraining order ___ you have filed against him.

If she had not been in the liquor store at approximately 3:50 pm, ___ been murdered.

You cannot study at this university ___ you have an F-1 Visa.

If I ___ truth about his ex-wife, he would not be so angry now.

I will exercise whether ___.

She studied all night to prepare; ___ the test.

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