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Тест: Prepositions Quiz

Описание теста:
Prepositions Quiz
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Dave graduated __________ Pepperdine University.

I'm not familiar __________ California.

The jar is filled __________ candy.

The book is __________ the table.

I insist __________ paying.

I№m interested __________ buying a new computer.

Divers dive __________ the water.

__________ my opinion, Dave is a crazy teacher!

What are the ingredients __________ this delicious dish?

My son Benjamin is named __________ Benjamin Franklin.

Fred lives _____ Mill Street, doesn't he?

My father was born _____ Christmas Eve.

Come here _____ once! I need your help right now!

Joe's either early or late. He's never _____ time.

Fred lives _____ 2223 Mill Street, doesn't he?

I'll be able to leave _____ about 10 minutes. I have to finish something first.

Angela doesn't seem to be _____ home. I wonder where she went.

This is an _____ - house product. It isn't sold to the public.

Please don't get mad _____ me! I'm only doing this for your own good!

Is there a post office _____ the university campus?

He responded _____ shrugging his shoulders.

Were you _____ the phone a lot this afternoon? I tried calling you five times and always got a busy signal.

I'm tired of waiting _____ him. I'm leaving.

No, I came here _____ foot. My bicycle had a flat tire and my car was out of gas.

I'll wait _____ 5:00, but not one minute longer!

What are you afraid _____ ? Nothing bad's going to happen.

The accident happened _____ the intersection of 10th Street and Applegate Drive.

Was this handcrafted or made _____ machine?

Chuck isn't here. He'll be away _____ at least an hour.

My roommate wrote that letter _____ me. I couldn't do it because I sprained my wrist playing volleyball.

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