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Тест: Commonly misused and confusingly related words

Описание теста:
Настоящее знание иностранного языка - умение отличать сходные по значению или написанию слова. Проверьте, насколько Вы владеете английским языком. Тест подготовила Milla.
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It was so difficult to select a winner from ____ so many contestants.

John was involved in an ______ conversation with his old professor.

This is a clever ______ for cleaning fish without getting pinched by the scales.

The weatherman said that the warm front would be ______ for several days.

We paid a surcharge on our _____ baggage.

Throughout history many people have been _______ for their religious beliefs.

You should not say things that might make a highly ______ person upset.

After her husband's death,Debbie was _____ and withdrawn.

Pasqual is of French ______, but his cousine is English.

It was very _______ of Harry to send his hostess a bouquet of flowers.

Lisa had to ____ eating apples after the orthodontist put braces on her teeth.

The doctors wanted to see how the medication would _____ the patient.

The fender on Sean's bike came ____ and had to be tightened.

Harry sets money _____ every payday for his daughter's education.

Since Ralph has no brothers or sisters,he has created an ______ playmate.

A large ____ of whales beached and died last year because of ear problems.

Our supervisor has _____ faith in our ability to finish this project on time.

An anthropologist,who had worked with the indigenous tribes in Australia,was the ______ speaker at Friday's luncheon.

In her term paper,Janis had to ____ many references.

While doing the experiment,we asked the lab technician's ______.

Jill ____ me her red dress to wear to the dance.

Marcia was ____ tired after the long walk to class.

We are ______ to go boating.

Perry's spare flashlight was ______ the night of the storm because the batteries were corroded.

The salesman said that regular _____ of fertilizer would ensure a greener, healthier lawn.

Doris and Marge teach kindergarten;the _____ works in Putnam.

He ______ worked as a professor,but now he is a physicist.

Last winter's ______ cold almost depleted the natural gas supply.

______ we drive or fly depends on the length of our vacation.

During the Middle Ages,millions of people were _____ by the plague.

They worked ____ on the project.

Eric's courageous rescue of the drowning child was a ______ deed.

We were ____ hit by the speeding car on the turnpike.

Her ____ husband was the author of that book.

Gail's lifelong ______ has been that of becoming a doctor.

Picasso's Guernica is an excellent _______ of expressionism in art.

After the drill,the teacher _______ to explain the experiment to the physics class.

The gaudy decorations in the hall _______ from the beauty of the celebration.

It is a ______ in the United States to eat turkey on Thanksgiving.

By asking many questions,the instructor tried to ______ information from the students.

The United States is a "melting pot",a land of _________.

The ancient Egyptians' _______ of the heavenly bodies helped them know when to plant and harvest.

His explanation of the rescue at sea seemed _____.

Through the ____ of the rifle,the soldier spotted the enemy.

Rita is ______ talented in the fine arts.

"Your essay is very ______ and worthy of an 'A' grade",said Mrs.Jameson to her student.

Detroit manufacturers hope to develop an easily attachable ______ for the carburetor to improve gas mileage.

The hikers had _____ many hours waiting to be rescued.

After declaring bankruptcy,the company was forced to ______ its assets.

George was ____ those students selected to participate in the debate.

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